Why Clark Machinery Sales, LLC is the Top Choice for Used DOOSAN Equipment

When it comes to purchasing used DOOSAN equipment, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC sits on top of the list. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, comprehensive product knowledge, and a wide variety of equipment distinguishes us in the industry. Our product portfolio empowers you to choose the best equipment to perfectly fit your distinct technical requirements and budget needs. Plus, our customer-centric approach ensures you get the highest quality DOOSAN machinery with a smooth and satisfactory buying experience.

Diverse Categories of DOOSAN Equipment

At Clark Machinery Sales, we stock a wide range of DOOSAN equipment categories to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. We ensure you always get the right machine for your unique job. The key categories include;
- Turning: Ideal for tasks that require rotational cutting of metal. In the Doosan turning line there are Doosan Lynx, Doosan Puma, Doosan Puma TT and Doosan Puma MX series lathes. The newest Doosan Puma lathes are Puma GT lathes. Lathes come in a variety of bar capacities, chuck sizes and bed lengths. They come with live milling, y-axis, sub spindle, dual turrets and many other value added options. Doosan Vertical turning centers (V or VT line) come in a variety of sizes with chucks ranging from 40" to 63".
- Machining: Perfect for tasks necessitating removal of excessive material to shape metal parts. Doosan has a line of vertical machining centers (DNM series) and horizontal machining centers (HM or NHM or NHP series). These range in sizes and have a wide variety of options including 4th axis, through spindle coolant, probing and more to meet all of your machining needs.

Various Types of DOOSAN Equipment

Within each category, Clark Machinery Sales also offers various types of DOOSAN equipment to suit any work environment or task complexity. Our offering ensures your tasks get executed efficiently, consistently, and reliably. Our major types of DOOSAN equipment include;
- CNC Lathes 2-Axis: For basic metal shaping tasks with unwavering precision. Doosan has both a robust Doosan Puma line and a lighter weight Doosan Lynx line depending on your needs.
- CNC Lathes Multi-Axis: For complex turning and milling needs. Both the Puma and Lynx lathes can come with live milling, y-axis and sub spindles in any combination depending on the parts you are trying to cut.
- Vertical Machining Centers: For machining tasks that require vertical tool access. Doosan has a range of DNM vertical machining centers in every size. Certain models of the DNM line can come with a full 5-Axis option to provide the option to cut more complex parts quickly.
- Horizontal Machining Centers: For works that need machining from the sides. Doosan's line of HM machines come with a full range of pallet sizes, tool changer capacities, indexing and other options to address all of your production needs.


DOOSAN, a renowned name in the industry, holds an illustrious history of creating robust, dependable, and technologically advanced equipment. This leading brand is known for its excellence and unique selling points, including superior design, consistent performance, enhanced durability, and innovative features. DOOSAN equipment finds its myriad applications in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, mining, energy, and more. Opting for DOOSAN equipment through Clark Machinery Sales signifies a smart choice and a wise investment.

Doosan CNC Machine Tools have high quality, heavy duty turning and machining centers along with boring mills and double column machining centers available. Daewoo started making machine tools in the 1970s and was purchased by Doosan in the 2000s. Machines can still be found available with both manufacturing names. The majority of Doosan machines come with Fanuc CNC controls.