Clark Machinery Sales, LLC - Your Top Choice for Used Turning Equipment

Clark Machinery Sales, LLC offers a comprehensive selection of used Turning Equipment from some of the most respected brands in the industry. With years of experience in buying and selling used machinery, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC is committed to providing high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Whether you need a 2-Axis CNC Lathe or a Swiss Screw Machine, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC has everything you need to take your production capabilities to the next level. Our extensive inventory of Turning Equipment includes CNC Lathes 2-Axis, CNC Lathes Multi-Axis, Swiss Screw Machines, and Engine Lathes.

At Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, we offer a variety of Turning Equipment brands, including the well-known brands of HAAS, DOOSAN, CITIZEN, and OKUMA. Each brand has a reputation for producing quality equipment that can withstand even the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Industries that use Turning Equipment range from automotive to aerospace and beyond, and with its ability to produce a high volume of parts quickly, it’s no wonder why Turning Equipment is the preferred choice for many manufacturers. Some of the unique selling points of Turning Equipment include its speed, precision, versatility, and ability to produce complex parts with minimal setup time. Turning Equipment has a long history and has continued to evolve over the years to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry, and with Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, you can take advantage of this history and expertise to help your business thrive.