End of Year Buying Guide

December 7, 2020 | Troy Clark

Considering a last-minute purchase for the year? Please read on -

All too often a customer will receive a call from their financial officer in the final weeks of December with an urgent directive to “spend money now – or pay taxes later!” Sometimes this is for simple tax planning, sometimes specifically to take advantage of Section 179 spending. And generally this results in another phone from the customer to one of our dealers at Clark Machinery. The call usually goes like this, “How soon can I get a machine on my floor?” and our response often times is, “Well, we have four days left in the calendar year let me see what is possible.”

The below checklist image is a summary of “to-do’s” that can be accomplished if we start in early December. Our process affords us the consistency our customers depend on and sets up each transaction for the best success possible… but it’s a Process and that means certain steps have to be taken.

  • Is financing lined up?
  • How flexible are you on the OEM, model and specifications of the needed machine?
  • Can you receive the machine during the Holidays are is your shop on shut-down?

We have riggers and truckers and shop managers and accountants that need to be considered. And it IS POSSIBLE, we just need to start the process as soon as possible.

We have a wide range of lathes, horizontals, universals, and verticals from manufacturers including Haas, Doosan and DMG Mori in addition to CNC Swiss Machines.

We look forward to hearing which machines are on your “Wanted List” and we especially look forward to getting you the machines you need to make the parts that make you profitable!