How to Pronounce "Fanuc"

December 14, 2020 | Troy Clark

Is it Fanuc or Fanuc?

Sounds ridiculous, but for the past 20 years of my buying and selling machines I have heard manufacturers, dealers and technicians pronounce the name of this storied CNC Control manufacturer differently. Shoot, I’ll even say it differently depending on the day or on the machine.

The company is famous for their CNC controls that have become ubiquitous on many manufacturers worldwide, but years ago they also branched out into manufacturing entire machine lines.

Some of the best and most dependable vertical machining centers and electric discharge machines (EDM) are manufactured by Fanuc, and they are instantly recognizable by their branded Yellow font. They are precise, dependable and very well supported.

You will hear the name pronounced in one of two distinct manners: Fa-Nook… and Fan-ick.

So which is it?

I find that I will pronounce it differently depending on what I am referencing. More times than not I say “Fan-ick” (like panic) when referring to the OEM machining centers or EDM’s. It just doesn’t sound right saying “Fa-nook a21 ”. And then bizarrely, as though referencing a completely different brand, nine times out of ten I will say “Fa-Nook” when talking about a CNC Control.

This question came up while being interviewed by David Fiegel at Blackbird Auctions in 2020. I had always been aware of the confusion, had been asked a number of times as to what was correct and had never pursued. A little research took me to General Electric’s site and there I found a great discussion about this topic ( ) and it finally put the question to rest.

Hope this helps you as much as it did me. Sometimes in life there is certainty! Fanuc. Just like it sounds.