SOLD! Used Doosan VC3600 Vertical Machining Center

November 24, 2020 | Troy Clark

It’s true what they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men…” We plan and strategize, and research markets and target buyers for specific machines to make sure we meet their needs. The Clark Machinery Sales team loves improving our process and is passionate about making sure the right people know about the machines they may need. But with all that, it’s still not a science as to how the right buyer finds the right machine and a sale becomes complete.

Example #1: the Doosan VC3600.

This awesome vertical machining center is one of the great efficiency stories of Doosan Machine Tools USA. It’s fast, it’s solid, and with the quick changing pallet changer – it’s also a money maker. It was only a year old when our customer called us in and asked us to try to sell it for them. They had too much capacity, did not have the vertical milling work they had projected and needed the floor space and capital from the machine.

After almost a year of advertising a “like-new” machine with under 100 hours of use, a long-time customer found our CNC video on YouTube. He wanted to find a video to see how they ran and stumbled upon the Doosan demonstration video I had taken and posted. He recognized my voice, and then called to see if it was by any chance still available. IT WAS!

After promoting this machine on all advertising outlets, showcasing it in our weekly emails for months on end, the buyer found US by searching for a demo in a moment of curiosity.

As my first employer told me, “Troy, a good deal is when both the buyer and the seller are happy.” Well if that is true, then this was a VERY good deal.